Save a date !       Save a date !

When a watch is set, it is displayed on the calendar of la Maison des Parfums, on this website. Check the calendar and see if a watch corresponds to your availability!

Notify your arrival       Notify your arrival

Each watch is linked to a planned watchman. To send an email to the watchman concerned by the watch is not mandatory, but it allows the watcher to warn you in case of problems or cancellation.

Come and taste       Come and taste

The watchs are free. So if you're in the neighborhood, if a watch is planned and if you have time beside you, do not hesitate to contact us. In case the door is closed, simply ring to the secretariat.

Go further       Go further

You enroll in our vision, you want to be involved for a while to la Maison des Parfums and you want to organize regular watchs ? Discover how to become a watchman in our structure.