How it works

La Maison des Parfums (The House of Perfumes)

La Maison des Parfums is a house of prayer. It is free to anyone wishing to worship the King.

The commitee

La Maison des Parfums was created by the Assemblies of Paris Belleville and Fontenay-sous-Bois. It works with a spiritual and organizational committee, which is composed of Serge Jacquemus (EPU Belleville), Alain Rindel (Fontenay Sous Bois), Joel Andres (Fontenay Sous Bois), Samuel Olivier (EPU Belleville) and Jean-Marc Chateau (EPU Belleville ).

The perfumes

La Maison des Parfums is not a place of tourist praise. The goal is not to fill a room or to create a good atmosphere, but to raise our perfumes to the King. That is why the names of the watchmen were replaced by names of perfumes on the calendar.

The watchmen

Watchmen are not necessarily worship leaders in their churches. These are people who have a heart for worship, and who have been granted permission to hold watchs by the committee.

Watchs (week)

Watchmen are registered during the week at time slots. These watchs are visible on the calendar of La Maison des Parfums, on its website.

Watchs (events)

In a more specific events (day of praise, worship night …), it was announced a continued time of praise (eg, 12h non stop praise). Teammates praise then followed generally by bracket 1:30, so that praise can continue to germinate.

Don’t stay at the door …

If you register for a watch and the watchman arrives before you, you will normally find an open door. But it may be possible, for one reason or another, that the door is closed. In this case you can ring at the secretary of the church. They will open to you.

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